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FlowTimer+ the patented leakage protection and water saver for the house.

Operation manual

Danfoss Valve


Danfoss Transmitter


FlowTimer+ XL the patented leak protection and water saver for the home and for large objects.
FlowTimer+ XL

Operation manual

FlowTimer+ Hub water damage or water stop notification via SMS.
FlowTimer+ Hub

Operation manual

FlowTimer+ Sound leakage protection with pre-alarm via wireless Alarm.
FlowTimer+ Sound

Operation manual

FlowTimer+ Protect the hot water stop for the leak protection system.
FlowTimer+ Detect RF

Operation manual

Connect leakage protection with Smart Home.
FlowTimer+ Connect

Operation manual

FlowTimer+ Detect the water sensor for washing machines and drains.
FlowTimer+ Detect V2

Operation manual

Overview about all current FlowTimer+ system components.
System Overview


The procedure of FlowTimer+ and PPC 3000.
PPC Procedure


PPC 3000 (Discontinued Model)

Diagnostic in the Pipe
PPC3000 Diagnostic


The energy saver
PPC3000 EcoPlus

Circulation pump controller

Permanent Pipe Control Basic
PPC3000 Basic

Valve Unit Basic

PPC 3000 status available worldwide

GSM Modem

Permanent Pipe Control Basic PNP
PPC3000 Basic PnP

Valve Unit Basic PnP

Monitoring of large objects
PPC3000 Monitor

Valve Unit Monitor

PPC 3000 easy to screw in
PPC3000 Retrofit

Valve Unit Retrofit

Hot water stop for the PPC 3000 system.
PPC3000 Protect

Hot Water Stop

Evaluation software for PPC 3000
PPC3000 View

Evaluation Software

Water sensor for the PPC 3000 system
PPC3000 Detect


Link wireless sensors with PPC 3000
PPC3000 Collect

Receiver Unit

PPC 3000 is now wireless!
PPC3000 Transmitter

Transmitter Unit

Collect wireless data and send it as an SMS
PPC3000 Transceiver

Transceiver Unit

Collect data without shut-off
PPC3000 Pro

Service Unit